Thermal Strutting

Apex offers two energy efficient thermal barrier solutions to battle the high coefficient of aluminum’s thermal conductivity. Glaziers can choose from Thermal Strutting or a Poured and Debridged Polyurethane. For both systems Apex recommends finishing of the extrusions prior to the installation of the thermal improvement system. The creation of a thermally improved aluminium profile (thermal strut) is a six step process.

Extrude the Profile

A specifically designed pair of profiles is extruded with strategically placed grooves.


Both extrusions can have anodized or painted finish. In comparison with Pour and Debridge profile, colours can be unique and a final profile can have split finish.

Mechanical Abrasion

Prior to insertion of ISO-STRUT, the groove is mechanically knurled to ensure adequate shear strength.


During insertion, struts are fed into the grooves and pulled to fill entire profile stock length.


During rolling, profiles are passed through a series of discs where pressure is applied to hammers to close and provide grip. Pressure increases from one set of discs to the other to achieve a strong enclosure, true profile geometry and zero bow or curve.

Sheer Test

Profile assembly is ensured to meet AAMA TIR-A8 requirements.