Design & 3D Prototyping


At Apex Aluminum Extrusions our goal is to ensure you get the exact extrusion you require, and with our design & technical services, we can make this happen. Our team of extrusions experts are eager to help with your design, identifying possible improvements, which will save you time and money.

Whether you’re looking for industry insight, or help with a full design, contact Apex to get the extrusion you need.

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3D Printing

Accuracy is a major concern when extruding aluminum profiles, therefore, to lessen the possibility of errors, we offer 3D prototyping. 3D prototypes will give you the opportunity to see and feel your desired profile, and check for form, fit & function before your dies are ordered. This secondary check may lead to some adjustments to your original request, or give you the confidence that your profile is exactly what your project needs.

All of our 3D Prototypes are made from 100% recyclable plastic, which is durable, and easy to manage.